Our Design Offices prioritize Performance

Our mechanical, electrical and automation engineering teams synergize their skills to design innovative industrial equipment. By actively listening to users and technicians, they optimize and standardize drawings and programs to ensure optimal efficiency 24 hours a day.

The methods department plays a crucial role in automating our in-house production processes. Our IT developers have designed a sophisticated configurator and softwares displayed throughout the factory, utilizing an intuitive interface that ensures the seamless integration of Solidworks 3D within our ERP tracking system.

The Strength of In-House Production

To ensure consistent quality and control lead times, SG2C has equipped itself with a range of machines tailored to its operations: high-capacity laser, deburring, bending, stainless steel ball-blasting, CNC machining lathe, welding and assembly robot, along with a CNC belt cutting table.
These machines are interconnected, and the production schedule is assisted by artificial intelligence. The flows of fabricated parts follow the “LEAN” method, involving rigor, flexibility, and efficiency in alignment with the principles of “Industry 4.0” and the “Factory of the Future”.

From Assembly to Fine-Tuning

The computerized system ensures real-time tracking of over a million parts circulating in the plant. Hand assembly is assisted by a software program that details the various stages through dynamic 3D visualization. This method provides the necessary precision and autonomy required by every technician. Automated machines are fully tested before shipping to guarantee efficient installation and commissioning on customer sites.

Mechanical assembly


Electrical wiring


Responsive After-Sales Service

SG2C’s strong reputation is built on the reliability of its equipment and the promptness of its after-sales team. Robust mechanical designs and proven programs guarantee uninterrupted operation, a crucial factor for food producers. With a substantial stock and a dedicated belt cutting and splicing department, spare parts can be dispatched within a few hours in case of an emergency.

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