A flow regulator allows production to be temporarily stored in the event of a stoppage in one or more downstream machines, according to the FIFO principle: the first products in are the first out. Their integration into production lines has become essential to minimize waste percentages, particularly since the rise in raw material costs.

DFR – Dynamic Flow Regulator

Also called “U-shaped” or “trombone” buffer, the DFR consists of two conveyors and a 180° curve that smoothly slides on a trolley. This dynamic movement allows the adjustment of the conveying length in order to store production in case of a partial or complete downstream stoppage.

With an accumulation capacity of up to 60 meters, this simple system offers numerous advantages. Its operation in continuous flow makes it compatible with all product formats, regardless of their pattern (rows, staggered, random) as long as the original position is maintained. This system is easy to clean, thanks to a fully accessible and secure central area. As it operates without requiring supervision, it can be installed on a platform to optimize space utilization.

VFR – Vertical Flow Regulator

The VFR is a multi-level, in-line accumulation system that can include ambient or optional forced cooling. It is increasingly finding its place into plants where space is limited, and provides additional distribution options to feed downstream machines located eventually at various heights thanks to the associated elevator systems, which can even deliver the flow in reverse direction.

The spacing between levels has been optimized for cleaning and accessibility, with the belt height of the 5th level only at 1650 mm from the floor. The VFR can accommodate from 3 to 8 levels and extend up to a length of 30 meters, resulting in a total storage and/or cooling length of up to 240 meters.

Régulateur de flux

Tilting with Integrated Double-Pullnose

This tilting system for up to 5 levels ensures a continuous flow, with integrated gap creation/closing system for level changes.

Régulateur de flux

Integrated Elevator

This horizontal and compact solution allows feeding above 5 levels and unloading to downstream machines at different heights.

Titan Elevator

This type of independent elevator offers a long travel of up to 10 meters, ideal for reaching a platform or crossing a floor.

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