Belt Bend

Belt bends ranging from 30° to 270° and widths from 200 to 2200 mm width, meeting all layout requirements.
Specially designed geometry maintains product alignment, utilizing 10 or 15 mm diameter end rollers.

Belt Bend

Standardized Design

Stainless steel frames meeting food industry standards (hygienic design).
Positive drive with side bow roller chain and elastic connectors, slide-free even at
high speed.
Automatic chain lubrication and tensioning.

Ingenious Belt Change

Removal from the top, rather than from the inner radius, without the need to remove brackets or disturb transfers, thanks to easily removable bed plates and noses.
Ideal for maintenance of suspended, superposed or integrated curves.


Spiral Curves

From 90° angle, belt bends can be designed with a height difference for easier integration into factories.
Possibility to combine several 360° curves to create spirals while maintaining accurate product alignment.

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