Handling solutions

The SG2C’s expertise covers the conveying, distribution, buffering, synchronization and flow handling. Technologies originally developed for biscuits which are fragile products running at high speeds, are transferrable to many industries having similar needs of precise handling.

SG2C can offer unit machines or automated lines from the discharge of processing plants up to the infeed of wrapping machines. Our experienced team will listen to your requirements in order to advise innovative ideas and solutions to optimize your projects.

Belt conveyors

Modular design for fast on site installation and layout change with minimum modifications. Low maintenance, safety and sanitary design.

  • width from 150 to 2500 mm, length from 150 mm to 100 meters
  • accurate transfers with end noses 8 or 15 mm in diameter
  • pneumatic belt tracking & tensioning system

Belt bends

Execution in stainless steel. Positive driving system to ensure a smooth and regular belt move. Largebends are fitted with a double deck system practicle to remove the belt from the top without dismantling the internal supports (ideal for suspended or superposed units), thanks to removable stainless steel top plates and end rollers.

  • belt width from 200 to 2500 mm
  • 90° and 180° standard angles, special design from 30° to 450°
  • standard or special radius depending on factory layouts
  • end rollers 8, 15 or 60 mm in diameter
  • alternative design with friction drive without chain

Spiral belt bends

Many customers need to use belt bends for lifting or declining products but keeping accurate transfers, either because of reduced space or to give a better access to operators looking after several machines (without steps across).

  • angles up to 450° for narrow bends
  • multiple 180° bends when the belt is wide

Dynamic flow regulator / Buffer systems

Useful to regulate production flows and compensate short or longer machinery down-times, our dynamic buffers can increase the efficiency of your production lines. A wide range of solutions is available to handle raw or packed products:

  • U-shaped buffer with travelling 180° bend
  • in-line or multi-level buffers
  • FIFO (first in, first out)

Product handling

Channeling of products from the oven discharge to feed secondary processing machines (enrober, creamers, cappers), wrapping machines or manual packing tables:

  • predictor dribble board with photocells
  • lane multiplication / reduction
  • turning upside down or at 90°
  • formation of rows or lanes from a random situation

Spreading or merging of production flow

Combination of belt bends and angled conveyors (30°, 45°, 60° or any specific angle) in order to change the spacing between products and the belt width.  Simple continuous solutions for different product sizes on the same line, frequently used before robotic stations and vision systems.

Surf belts

System composed of a number of very short servo-driven belts (patented design).

Solution developed in order to solve various issues often encountered within production lines, for example aligning loss and rows needed before special processing or wrapping machines, where it is not possibe to re-queue or channel products neither simply use row aligners (fragile or sticky products).


Several solutions according to products and down-stream equipment:

  • penny-stacker or star wheel stacker
  • stacker with independent stars rotating only when biscuits arrive (photocells)
  • travelling stacking buffer
  • manual packing table with or without guides

Other conveyors

SG2C can also offer other types of conveyors :

  • toughbelt with inclined sides for bulk handling
  • modular plastic mesh
  • stainless steel wiremesh