Processing machines

With a worldwide experience, the SG2C team has listened to its users, continuously improving and developing new technologies to meet growing demands in terms of accuracy, reliability and cleanability.

Thanks to a modular concept, SG2C offers a wide range of dosing/injection solutions. Volumetric heads designed with independent valves can be used for cream, jam, chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, yogurt, aerated dough including inclusions. They allow the function “no product no deposit”. Capping devices can create “sandwiches” by superposition of products. Cam motions are servo driven allowing an easy  selection of recipes from the HMI. The design has been optimized to also provide cleaning in place (CIP ) as well as vision and individual reject systems.

Dosing / Depositing machines

Dosing machine can be located before or after the oven with the “no product no deposit” option.

Depositing after re-aligning and indexing systems, with or without pre-accumulation and product turning.

Volumetric depositing heads designed with independent valves allow the accurate dosing of multi-fillings with CIP facility.

Concept Capper sandwiching machines

Full width sandwiching machine with flexible and sanitary design. Electronic cams allow the control of dosing and the infeed preparation of products (round, square, rectangular) with the turning of one every two rows. High speed version for industrial production or soft system for fragile cookies. The Capper can be fitted with several stations for the deposit and capping with calibration of the sandwich thickness. Several functions are possible: “not product not deposit or capping, vision system with individual reject. Ex: sandwiched biscuits, macarons, sponge cakes, pancakes, etc..

Injection machines

To simplify the handling and having minimum contact, products are maintained in line from the discharge of the oven, fryer or depanner. SG2C provides aligning and indexing systems without pressure.

Horizontal or vertical injection with one or several needles for cream, jam, chocolate syrup, etc.

Volumetric injection head with interchangeable tool in order to change the needles sizes and even the product centerlanes.

Food processing conveyors

Belt or mesh conveyors suitable for special applications in process areas.

Several options are available: belt cleaning, retractable nose, turning thanks to 45° conveyors, integration of metal detectors, etc.